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Chastised as a child, Hammer never really fit in.

But come to think of it, he never really wanted to.

Escaping early into his mind, he created a world where, despite and by virtue of his physicality's, he would rise above and stand triumphant.

In a dilapidated cane-cutters shed, Hammer toiled ever tirelessly, tinkering and puttering with purpose, a maddened scientist of sounds.
Every minute, each day, the twists of phrase taunted him, the melodies both alluring and incessant.

A diversion of the mind becomes soul purpose,
and in time.. an obsession.

And out of obsession came Nancy Boys

…and the rest is historical



Check out NANCY BOYS video READY OR NOT (C'mon 4 Ya!)


'It's Good To See Ya. It's Good To See Ya But I Wouldn't Want To Be Ya'” - Hammer

— Ready Or Not . 2021